At Gold Roots Accounting we build relationships!  We are interested in how your business operates and we care about your success. This is how we understand your accounting needs and also keep you compliant. 


We offer the flexibility to create a package of accounting and tax services, depending on what you need. We can provide services such as bookkeeping, tax services, accounting & financial statements, consultations for QuickBooks, payroll reporting, business advisory, and financial planning. 

When you engage an accounting professional to do what they do best, you can focus on what you do best:  running your business, expanding, and making strategic decisions.

Call us today on 972-836-8272 or request a free consultation online to learn more about how we can help you with your business needs. 



"Gold Roots Accounting have helped me get my books back in order. They were a mess, but now I can see where my finances stand."

Derek Green, Graphic Designer

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